On Tuesday night, we held our trivial pursuit challenge.  It’s a not-so-annual summer associate program tradition, where we team up summer associates, summer associate mentors and some of our most senior attorneys to compete against each other in trivial pursuit.


This year’s team captains were:

The audience particularly enjoyed heckling the teams and bore witness to the lively banter – boderline teasing – between team captains.  In the end, the Sternbaum team (Marc Sternbaum, Lori Lustrin and Veronica Gordon) were the victors. 

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Special thanks to our moderator, Jeff Snyder, who perfectly managed a crowd of unruly partners!

Last night was the Bilzin Sumberg Trivial Pursuit Challenge. Each of the summer associates were teamed up with a partner and an associate. Jeff Snyder served as the moderator and final authority during the challenge.  It is possible that Stan Price tried to bribe him with a fake million dollar bill.  Competitions are taken very seriously both among the summers and the attorneys at the firm and bragging rights are not taken lightly. There was even an audience of several attorneys stopping by to witness the challenge in action!

A few hours before the challenge, we received an email from Marshall Pasternack reminding us that “the World Cup is one thing… the Bilzin Sumberg Trivia Cup is Something Else”. I later received a call from my teammate Stan Price to confirm that I had been memorizing the Encyclopedia Britannica in anticipation of the event.  Overall, the scores were pretty close until the final question, where each team chose a category and wagered up to five points. In the end, Leah’s team (including Eric Singer and Alan Axelrod) was victorious.

The firm has created numerous opportunities for us to meet and engage with employees across all practice groups during our summer. The social events, tag along opportunities, lunches, and even the trivial pursuit challenge are all designed so that we become familiar with the attorneys at the firm.  It is an excellent way to develop informal mentoring relationships and to learn more about the firm culture. These opportunities are invaluable and truly make us feel included in the Bilzin Sumberg community.


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King Lear, My Fair Lady, Hootie & the Blowfish. Although these three things probably have very little to do with each other, they were each noted last night when the summer associate class, thanks to Amy Podolsky’s suggestion, decided to partake in trivia night at Fado in Mary Brickell Village after work. Although we spend time together at the office, from working side-by-side for projects to lunches and firm events, it has become clear how much the summer class enjoys each other’s company. Not to mention how much we enjoy playing trivia!

It was not our first time getting together outside of work, but, it was definitely one of our most fun. We had a great time identifying famous movies, songs, and random facts, while munching on mini-burgers, fish tacos, and fries. It was another chance for the group to get to know each other outside of work and bond.

Bilzin Sumberg  is a very collegial place to work and that same atmosphere translates outside the workplace as well, which is something I definitely appreciate. Even though we did not win the ultimate prize, the Bilzin Bunch still had a great time—besides, there is always next week.