Yesterday kicked off a six-week mock real estate program for the summer associates. Because a real estate deal often extends longer than our nine week summer, Bilzin Sumberg has created a program where the summer associates engage in a mock transaction. Each week, Adam Lustig will lead a seminar about the different phases of a real estate transaction, including creating the letter of intent, preparing a contract, forming an entity, negotiating an operating agreement, and performing due diligence. In addition, the “buyer” and the “seller”, along with their respective “attorneys”, will be given a corresponding assignment due the following week. This may seem well planned but we’ve been told to watch out for unexpected twists and turns!

This summer, Michael Levine and I are representing Pitbowl (played by David de la Flor), in the sale of an empty lot to Kim Card Ashian (played by Veronica Gordon), represented by “counsel” Kyle Morabito and Shalia Sakona. Mr. Levine and I have a big meeting scheduled for Monday with Mr. Pitbowl to discuss our letter of intent. We would have scheduled the meeting for tomorrow, but we’ll be busy volunteering with other law firms at Habitat for Humanity.  That’s okay, it will give us more time to prepare. If we get Mr. Pitbowl a good deal, he just might reward us with backstage concert passes.