Summer in the Magic City

Dear Bilzin Sumberg,

And just like that, our 9 weeks are over. 9 weeks of hand shaking, Westlaw researching, happy hour attending, memo writing, and last minute lunch planning have come to an end, and all we can say to you is thank you. Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to not

Closing the doors on nine remarkable weeks, the end of our summer associate journey at Bilzin Sumberg was met with a magical evening at Melissa’s home. The closing event was far from a simple farewell gathering. It was a testament to our shared experiences, a reflection on lessons learned, and a beacon illuminating the

For most of my life I’ve lived in three similarly-sized small cities: Port Saint Lucie, FL, Gainesville, FL, and my current home of Durham, NC. While I’ve loved them all in different ways, my experience in Miami this summer has easily (and, perhaps, unsurprisingly) blown them all out of the water. As a passionate fan

This summer has been chock-full of exciting assignments, thrilling tag-alongs, and too many lunches to count, but Saturday’s event undoubtedly takes the cake. Bilzin Sumberg hosted its annual firm dinner party at the Mayfair House in Coconut Grove, a historic Miami hotel that boasts incredible architecture and gardens.

To begin the evening, Managing Partner Al

One of the highlights of Bilzin Sumberg’s summer associate program is attending tag-alongs! Tag-alongs are opportunities to sit in on meetings, phone calls, hearings, and other interactions that involve clients, judges, opposing counsel, or other parties. These experiences allow summer associates to see the range of what our attorneys do and get a sense

The Pixar film Ratatouille famously stated, “Anyone can cook.” After attending the Mystery Basket Cook-Off Challenge with the Land Use Department at the Miami-Dade Culinary Institute, I can confirm that at least anyone at Bilzin Sumberg can cook truly delicious food, even under the pressure of a time limit, fierce competition, a large commercial

           Bilzin Sumberg interacts with many complex, high-profile cases as a top-performing law firm. From billion-dollar corporation lawsuits to impactful land development deals, the Firm does precisely what one would expect from “Big Law.” Yet, in my opinion, that’s not what impresses me most. While the elaborate negotiations and high