Summer in the Magic City

As the sun set, Bilzin Sumberg’s summer associates and the Real Estate Department exchanged their briefs and contracts for a memorable evening at LoanDepot Park to watch the Miami Marlins take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Seated comfortably in our box, we were able to experience the incredible energy throughout the entire stadium. Despite the Marlins’

I won’t lie—on a spectrum with “cool, calm, collected” on one side and “Nervous Nelly” on the other, I definitely tend to gravitate towards the latter. Additionally, as a 1L who has never worked at a law firm with more than ten employees, I was definitely intimidated by the prospect of leaving the world of

Summer associateships in Miami are a dream come true for many budding legal professionals. The sun, the beach, the vibrant city life—what’s not to love? But wait! There’s a storm on the horizon, or you woke up and it’s a downpour. Don’t let the summer rain showers dampen your spirits. Instead, let’s dive into how

Over the course of the summer program at Bilzin Sumberg, there have been some incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and build relationships. Though there are countless things that I could express my appreciation for, I want to take this opportunity to discuss how wonderful it has been to be a part of this incredible

Upon our arrival at Bilzin Sumberg we were informed that we all got mentors for the summer. The mentors are attorneys that are paired with each summer associate to help guide us throughout the summer with regard to assignments, networking, and everything in between.

Personally, I did not know how amazing building a relationship with