Navigating Brickell can be a daily adventure. This bustling neighborhood is the heart of Miami’s financial district and offers a mix of walkability, public transit options, and driving challenges. Here are some best practices for getting around:


Brickell is generally walkable by Florida standards, offering easy access to numerous amenities, from office buildings to dining spots. However, the immediate vicinity around our office is currently undergoing significant construction, leading to sidewalk closures on two sides of the building. This makes navigating on foot a bit tricky, and caution is advised to avoid any mishaps.

Weather is another important factor to consider. Florida summers bring intense heat and humidity, making walking more comfortable in the morning than during the sweltering midday hours. Afternoon weather can also be unpredictable. Just yesterday, I went to lunch with Danielle Hall, Saron Musa, and Spencer Peek. We enjoyed a leisurely meal, but as we walked back to the office, a sudden downpour caught us by surprise, soaking our clothes. We ended up having to go home and change. So, while walking in Brickell can be delightful, especially in the cooler hours, always be prepared for rapid weather changes. Carrying a compact umbrella or raincoat can save you from unexpected drenchings.

The Metromover

The Metromover is a fantastic, free option for getting around Brickell and downtown Miami. This automated people mover operates in a loop, running counterclockwise around Brickell and downtown. It’s air-conditioned and usually efficient, making it an ideal way to travel between the office and Brickell City Centre or other nearby destinations.

However, it’s important to know that the route to your destination might not be the same as the route back due to its loop structure. Familiarize yourself with the stops and the direction of travel to ensure you get on the right train and avoid unnecessary delays. For example, from our office, the easiest way to reach Brickell City Centre is to board at the Financial District station. Plan your trips by checking the Metromover map, available at each station and online, to avoid any confusion.


Driving to and from Brickell from other parts of Miami is often a necessity, but driving within Brickell itself can be more trouble than it’s worth. Traffic congestion is a daily challenge, and the drawbridge connecting Brickell and downtown can cause significant delays when it goes up.

Alternatively, using ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft can save you the hassle of finding parking and dealing with traffic.

Navigating Brickell can be a bit of a balancing act, but with these tips, you can maneuver through the area with confidence and ease. Whether you’re walking, using the Metromover, or braving the traffic in your car, a little preparation goes a long way in making your journey smooth and enjoyable.