Bilzin Sumberg is a great place to work because not only do the attorneys all work hard, but they also know how to take a break, get outside, and have fun! This balance was especially evident last night when the summer associates were lucky enough to spend the night at Reserve Padel with the corporate and tax departments.

The event was hosted at Reserve Padel, located on Watson Island. Many of us, who had never played padel before, were in for a treat as the courts are waterfront, providing for an amazing view of the downtown Miami skyline. For those who are not familiar with padel, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and is very popular in European countries. It is a racquet based ball sport that feels like a combination of squash and tennis! The unique thing about padel, compared to other racquet sports, is that the court has enclosed walls, and players are allowed to bounce the ball off of the walls to keep it in play!

The group divided up into spectators and players. Those who started out spectating, enjoyed catching up with each other while watching our fellow colleagues get started playing. Lucky for us spectators, the event was catered with food from Pura Vida so we enjoyed eating empanadas and hummus while watching the action and cheering on our colleagues!

Those who took the court at the start had the opportunity to take a lesson with a padel instructor. The instructor gave everyone the opportunity to hit some balls on their own and later let participants play doubles matches. While everyone was fantastic there were of course some highlights of the night! Jennifer Wioncek left us all impressed with her athleticism, maintaining a continuous rally on the padel court. Nate Dutt mesmerized fellow attorneys as he stayed on the court all night, showcasing determination as well as dedication to the event! John Trach was another standout consistently playing throughout the night. When it was Melissa’s turn, she effortlessly navigated the padel court, looking like a natural from the very first swing! Last but not least, Ethan and Spencer did a great job representing for the summer associates. They were even the last ones on the court!

When the lessons were over we all joined together by the tables to eat dinner, continue socializing and talk about everyone’s fantastic padel performances. But that was not the end of the night! Jessica brought out a surprise cake to celebrate Ethan’s upcoming birthday and we ended the night by singing to him!

It was an exceptional evening marked by the forging of new connections and the strengthening of existing ones, both on and off the court. The event truly demonstrated how Bilzin Sumberg attorneys balance work with a commitment to outdoor fun and fostering camaraderie.