On July 2nd, the Bilzin summer associates teamed up with the litigation department attorneys for a mystery box cooking competition at the renowned Miami Culinary Institute, a hotspot for culinary creativity and innovation. Met with refreshing wine and a delicious charcuterie board, the attorneys and summer associates slowly gathered at the culinary institute and prepared for what would be a night filled with the type of competitive energy that goes beyond the courtroom.

Divided into four groups, each armed with nothing but a mystery basket filled with surprise ingredients and alleged cooking skills, each had to come up with a stunning dish before time ran out. With salmon and steak as the main proteins, teams had to think fast, plan strategically, and cook their hearts out to impress the panel of discerning judges. It wasn’t long before the sound of hot pans, sharp knives, and top of the line blenders filled the room; one could tell this was going to be a close battle. After an intense cooking session that saw knives flying, spices mixing, and pots bubbling, the moment of truth arrived. In the end, the winning team emerged victorious: Melissa Pallett-Vasquez, Kenneth Duvall, Lori Lustrin, Ethan Schwab, and Megan Barney! Their culinary finesse was truly put on display with a perfectly cooked filet, adorned with a tantalizing pine nut chimichurri that left the judges’ in high praise. But they didn’t stop there—pairing it with a miso gochujang salmon, alongside vegetable pineapple skewers and a velvety vegetable puree, they truly raised the bar for creativity and flavor.

Beyond the delicious dishes, the event was a testament to the power of teamwork and camaraderie within the litigation department at Bilzin. After this challenge, it became clear that they’re not just lawyers—they’re creators, problem-solvers, and, as it turns out, pretty talented chefs too!