As a law student, I am regularly asked, “So, what kind of law do you want to practice?”. Between my classes, co-curriculars, and last summer’s experience, I think I have an idea. But really, I’m not yet certain. Studying law is so different than actually practicing it. 

For this reason, one of the many things that I have found impressive about Bilzin’s summer program is how much we are encouraged to take assignments from a variety of practice groups. So far, I’ve done assignments in Litigation, Land Use, Bankruptcy, Corporate & Securities, and Real Estate. In fact, when I mentioned to Jessica that I had not yet taken a Real Estate assignment, she was very helpful in ensuring that I had the opportunity to work on one. That afternoon, I was offered a “tag-along” Real Estate opportunity and worked on a management agreement.

Additionally, I’ve enjoyed how different the work for each assignment has been. Not only have I researched and written memos, but I’ve also helped to review depositions, edit contracts, contact state agencies, and file merger agreements. The variety of work has exposed me to a large number of the Bilzin attorneys and even though all of the Summer Associates work on the same floor, I feel welcome at any of the other ones.

I cannot believe that we’re about half-way through the summer. I’m starting to get a better feel for what kind of work I like, but we’ll see how it develops over the next few weeks.