King Lear, My Fair Lady, Hootie & the Blowfish. Although these three things probably have very little to do with each other, they were each noted last night when the summer associate class, thanks to Amy Podolsky’s suggestion, decided to partake in trivia night at Fado in Mary Brickell Village after work. Although we spend time together at the office, from working side-by-side for projects to lunches and firm events, it has become clear how much the summer class enjoys each other’s company. Not to mention how much we enjoy playing trivia!

It was not our first time getting together outside of work, but, it was definitely one of our most fun. We had a great time identifying famous movies, songs, and random facts, while munching on mini-burgers, fish tacos, and fries. It was another chance for the group to get to know each other outside of work and bond.

Bilzin Sumberg  is a very collegial place to work and that same atmosphere translates outside the workplace as well, which is something I definitely appreciate. Even though we did not win the ultimate prize, the Bilzin Bunch still had a great time—besides, there is always next week.