It’s hard to believe that over two months ago Jessica blogged that the summer associate mentors had been chosen.  With just two weeks left of the summer, I decided to re-read Jessica’s post and reflect on my own mentor-mentee relationship with my mentor, a veteran of Bilzin’s summer associate program.

Looking through Jessica’s criteria for the perfect summer mentor and for the expectations of the mentor, I can easily place check marks next to each number.  My mentor and I have a lot in common, and looking back I can see why Jessica and Marshall chose him.  We both attended the University of Florida, grew up in South Florida, share a similar sense of humor, and enjoy traveling and sports.

At least once a week we  meet to discuss the assignments I’m working on, the attorneys I’m working with, and the week’s events.  Besides providing his insights and advice, I also talk with him about the cases he’s working on.  One of the best parts of having a summer associate mentor is not only getting his input, but also learning about what it’s like to be a young associate at the firm.

Although Jessica and Marshall provide the summer associates with what seems like millions of resources, the mentoring relationship is certainly one of the best.