Miami has recently become home to a state-of-the-art baseball stadium, Marlins Park, which hosts up to 37,000 people and includes a retractable roof to shield fans from inclement weather. A stadium fit for the Magic City, the stadium features a fish tank behind home plate and a pool bar brought to baseball lovers by The Clevelander.

Last night, we had the chance to see the stadium in all of its glory when the summer associates were invited by the Corporate & Securities and Tax departments to a private suite at Marlins Park to watch the Miami Marlins play ball against the Atlanta Braves.

The event provided an opportunity for us to interact with attorneys we may not have had the chance to interact with yet. I was happy to get to know some of the attorneys, who I have not had the pleasure of working or grabbing lunch with yet. It was also an opportunity for celebrity sightings, since Juwan Howard, a forward from the Miami Heat was there, as were Tony Perez and Andre “The Hawk” Dawson, two Major League legends, who many of the attorneys and Michael Levine got to meet.

 As one can imagine, we had a great time. However, even though we were all impressed by the stadium and the company, the real showstopper was the dessert cart—as Wendy Polit can attest to.

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