…have not yet been lived.  Or, so says my fortune cookie fortune from today’s lunch at P.F.Chang’s.  In a moment of panic, at the prospect of eating alone for the first time all summer, David De La Flor and I reached out to Jeff Snyder who, at the last minute, graciously agreed to have lunch with us in Mary Brickell Village

Jeff works  in Insolvency, a small, but extremely talented department, well revered in its field.  He patiently talked us through the ins-and-outs of the insolvency process, a practice area which the summers have had minimal exposure to throughout the summer as a result of the fact that the majority of the insolvency assignments are beyond our current skill set.  Jeff’s passion for the work that he does was extremely self-evident and got me excited about my own future as a practicing attorney. 

Of course, the conversation wasn’t all business.  Jeff attended the Olympic games in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Vancouver!  With opening ceremonies of the 2012 games in London just hours away, David and I enjoyed hearing stories of Jeff rubbing elbows with Olympic athletes on and off the field/track/slopes/etc. 

In conclusion, today’s lunch with Jeff gave me confidence that my fortune cookie was right.  While the summer has been very rewarding, I look forward to what my legal career (and, of course, the 2012 Olympics) holds in store.