Every summer Bilzin Sumberg brings in a writing consultant, Susan McCloskey, to help the summer associates make the jump from an academic to a professional writing style.  We had two group sessions with Susan that were extremely informative with the opportunity to discuss writing tactics and edit each other’s work as a group.  We also had an individual session to discuss our personal strengths and weaknesses and how to write more efficiently.  I found the sessions to be an extremely productive experience and have already implemented many of the strategies that we discussed.    

Later in the week, it was time to put the law and writing to the side and gear up for some competition.  The Bilzin Sumberg Hit Squad took the field at Douglas Park for a friendly softball game.  The co-ed team consists of people from various departments and was headed up by our fearless leaders Juan Torres and Marcelo Araque.  The most important team members of all, Bruno and Zoe, led the charge. We will look to them for help as we get ready for the playoffs next week.    

Bilzin Sumberg Softball Team Mascots – Bruno (wearing Bilzin Sumberg gear) and Zoe