This summer has provided me with many ‘firsts.’  In the last few weeks, I have had the chance to sit in on an arbitration meeting, a deposition, and a style presentation, all for the first time.

My first ‘first’ was a Tag Along with Marty Steinberg and Melissa Pallett-Vasquez to an arbitration status conference. I have taken a few classes in law school that have focused on arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, so it was an exciting opportunity to see some of the lessons I have learned in school come to life. Not only was it worthwhile from a procedural perspective, but it was also interesting to see how the attorneys conducted themselves and discussed the topics at issue.

This week, I went to my first deposition with Michael Kreitzer.  Before heading to the deposition, I caught a glimpse of Mr. Kreitzer preparing for the deposition and met the client. Once we got to opposing counsel’s law firm, it was really interesting to observe the whole process: how the parties conducted themselves during the deposition, what took place during the breaks, and how Mr. Kreitzer communicated with the client. It was such a great learning experience.

Turning to a more fashion forward ‘first,’ this past weekend, the Women Attorneys Group held an event at Nordstrom at the Village of Merrick Park. Many of the firm’s female attorneys came to the event, where we were treated to breakfast and lessons on how to dress for success and incorporate today’s trends into our work wardrobe. Come fall, expect to see the women of Bilzin rocking bordeaux and blueberry pieces to work. Time will tell who will make the Bilzin Best Dressed List next season.