Time is flying.  Last week we all had our midsummer reviews with Marshall Pasternack, Jessica Buchsbaum, and our mentors.  At the review we discussed our individual summer experiences, assignments, and areas of interest.  It was a great opportunity to receive feedback on my assignments and to talk about my transition into Bilzin Sumberg.  Working with different attorneys in all of the departments has allowed me to gain insight into the many different practice areas of the firm.

The mentor program has also been an excellent way to learn about the ins and outs at Bilzin Sumberg.  My mentor Josh Kaplan has been a huge help in deciding what assignments to pick and answering all of many questions. All of the mentors have been terrific and it almost seems like I have six of them.  I have worked closely on different assignments with Eric Singer and I have attended numerous lunches with Lori Lustrin and Wendy Polit.

 All in all it has been a great first half of the summer and I am really looking forward to the second half.