women event 3We are in the final weeks of our summer at Bilzin Sumberg, and the fun activities are non-stop. Last week, we had our mock real estate transaction closing and a lovely happy hour with Marshall Pasternack. On Wednesday, Jenny, Claudia, Hannah, Lauren, and I had an event with the Firm’s women attorney’s at Bottle & Bottega. We were greeted at the adorable gallery with delicious food from Daily Bread (a favorite of mine and Jenny’s) and some wine to get our creative juices flowing.

I was relieved to find that instead of painting on canvas, we had our choice of beer or wine glasses. At least with glasses, I had less room for error. The gallery gave us different ideas of what to paint, but most of us got creative and added personal touches. After we all settled on what we were going to paint, Melissa Pallett-Vasquez put on some jams and we all transformed into Picasso. Jessica Buchsbaum turned her wine glasses into mermaids, and Leah Aaronson impressed us with her moustache beer glasses. Jenny got in the spirit of summer with pineapple wine glasses and Salome painted beautiful butterflies. While my gator-themed beer mugs were hardly something to brag about, I had an amazing time with the women of Bilzin Sumberg.

This event was one of the best we have had all summer (sorry Frankie & Geoff), and I am sad that it is one of the last. I think I speak for all seven of us when I say this summer has flown by, but I am excited for our last week of our Summer in the Magic City!