Now that we are officially half-way through the summer (time flies!), I think it is a good time to reflect on some of the assignments that I have had so far. As someone who was not entirely sure what practice group I was interested in when I began the summer, having the opportunity to take assignments from different practice groups was something I was really excited about. Bilzin Sumberg has an array of practice groups which makes taking assignments that much more interesting.

My assignments so far have included:

While all of the social events and community service events have been tons of fun, my favorite part of the summer has been working on complex and challenging assignments. Not only has this helped me develop relationships with the attorneys I have worked with, but it has helped me determine what my interests are. I look forward to taking on more assignments the remainder of my summer and really honing in on my interests. And yes, I plan on taking on some assignments from the Corporate practice group.