The first week at Bilzin has started the summer off on a high note! Let’s start Da Capo (“from the beginning”). We were graciously invited to kick off the summer at the firm’s 2022 annual party. The warm reception we received that night assured me that the summer was going to be a positive experience. From associates, to managers, to partners, to the managing partner, no one missed a beat in welcoming us. One of the best things about that night was that I was seated next to my amazing mentor, Stephanie. I could not have gotten luckier! She made me feel comfortable right away. All of the mentors have been instrumental in making us feel included and providing support, whether it be with work advice or facilitating group lunches. The mentors are grounded and approachable, which is indicative of Bilzin’s composition and culture as a whole. Everyone wants to see us succeed. But more than that, they truly want to get to know us!

Maybe you’ve heard about the “Summer Associate fifteen.” Basically, we get fed. Lunch, dinner, Happy hour. While that part of it has been great, the real hook comes from the people we get to meet at these events, who are gracious enough to share their wisdom and advice. What has really struck a chord is all of the attorneys’ willingness to include us. It is clear that Bilzin’s attorneys’ openness and collaborative nature is the key to its success. I’ve been out to lunch with several associates and even partners. This may not seem like a big deal but these attorneys are extremely busy and the fact that they will take time out of their day just to get to know my fellow Summer Associates and I means a lot and has already added enormous value to the summer. Speaking of my fellow Summers, what an awesome ensemble! Everyone is so positive, humble and kind and even though it’s just the beginning, we are already harmonizing as a team really well.

While we are still finding our rhythm with work assignments, finding out way around the office, and working the technology, I can say that the people at Bilzin have set the tone for the summer to be positive, edifying and exciting!

(L to R Stephanie Koutsodendris, Raquel Fernandez, Melissa Pallett-Vasquez, Megan Barney, Brianna Sainte)