This past Thursday the Bilzin Sumberg Real Estate Practice Group hosted an event for the Summer Associates at Top Golf in Miami Gardens. Sharing food, drinks, and the game of golf made the Summers feel like part of the team already!

While some of us were better suited to chatting and enjoying a beautiful Miami evening, some of the attorneys showed off their golfing skills- shout out to Daniel Bumm’s impressive swing! Helping us perfect our form and actually make contact with the golf ball was Megan Barney- our unofficial golfing coach.

Regardless of whether you’re a natural Phil Mickelson, golf has undeniably become a networking skill in the legal industry. So, I thought I’d highlight a few reasons that anyone in the legal field should start brushing up on their golf skills.

Firstly, being able to have business related conversations in a relaxing golf course setting is invaluable to fostering comradery among co-workers and improve office culture. This was evident to me while chatting with Hannah Lidicker!

Secondly, golf is a detailed game that requires focus, attention to detail, and practice. This means that improving your golf game nurtures the skills that make a good lawyer, making it a worthwhile self-growth challenge.

Lastly, even though golf doesn’t necessarily require much physical exercise, it can help improve your fitness to ditch the golf cart and enjoy a brisk walk from hole to hole. It also doesn’t hurt that the Miami area has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country.
Overall, the Real Estate group’s Top Golf event gave us all a much appreciated evening of conversation, relaxation, and bonding. We are all looking forward to more exciting practice group events like this one!