Over the course of the summer program at Bilzin Sumberg, there have been some incredible opportunities to learn, grow, and build relationships. Though there are countless things that I could express my appreciation for, I want to take this opportunity to discuss how wonderful it has been to be a part of this incredible group of summer associates.

From our first day, I realized that not only was I going to be working at an incredible firm this summer, but also that I’d be doing so among a group of people who were just as kind and impressive as I could have imagined. We came in with varying interests, ranging from Land Use and Real Estate to Corporate and Litigation. We also come from law schools all over the country, making it a truly dynamic group. This mix of interests and experience allowed us all to learn both from the firm itself and one another in a way that only made the summer here all the more enriching.

Now that the summer is coming to a close, I will certainly miss running into my fellow summer associates in the hallways in between assignments, going to lunches and for coffee runs together, and all of the bonding we did at our many social events throughout the summer program. I feel privileged to have been among such a wonderful group and know that the relationships built here will continue beyond these nine weeks.