Savannah shared some useful tips in preparing for your first day, the next step is having a great first week as a summer associate. Last year, before my first day at Bilzin Sumberg, I remember wondering what we’d be doing. I wondered if we would do icebreakers and meet attorneys, or maybe start assignments right away, or if we’d do training sessions to ease in. The answer is- the first week is full of all of these things! These 3 tips are useful to make the most of your first week as a summer associate:

Tip #1- Training
Training sessions are a large focus of the first week, and they are important! Before writing a memo or doing legal research, every summer associate is familiarized with the tools and resources at our disposal that allow us to put forth our best work. These tools are not always as simple as using Westlaw, something many law students are already somewhat familiar with. Most importantly, try to pay special attention to who the office experts are! You will be given so much information on how to use certain tools during the first week that it’s inevitable that you will need to reach out with questions once you start assignments.

Tip #2- Assignments
Focus on your assignments. Assignments are the bread and butter of the summer associate experience! Be sure to give them the attention they deserve, meaning don’t miss deadlines and always be communicative with your assigning attorney and/or your mentor about when you need help or have questions. Everyone appreciates hard work, curiosity, and a good attitude. No one will expect you to execute every assignment perfectly, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just give every assignment your best effort!

Tip #3- Social
Stay social. Make every effort to strike up conversations with fellow summer associates, attorneys, and anyone else in the office! Everyone around you will appreciate someone who is eager to get to know them. This also is a great way to start networking, which can lead to lots of fun lunches and even getting assignments and tag along opportunities. And lastly, try to attend after work events. These events are a great way to organically meet people and make some fun memories!