Last night, there was no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen! After work, the Bilzin Sumberg 2023 Summer Associates and alumni of past Summer Associate classes trekked together to partake in a cooking class – and it was no doubt one of the highlights of our summer experience thus far.

With assistance (and a lot of it) from the Two Chefs chefs, we partnered up to create several incredible dishes, including but not limited to: quinoa and veggies, mini sliders, tuna tartare, mashed potatoes, a variety of flatbreads (special shout out to Skye, Sanika, and Savannah – these were delicious), and my personal favorite – Shalia and Kayla’s chocolate soufflé! Melissa, our fearless Hiring Partner, had a hit with her stuffed mushrooms, and Hannah and Elise’s churrasco was also a fan favorite. Meanwhile, Carlos was thriving on photography duty! Throughout the night we enjoyed various appetizers and drinks as we cooked, and chatted about our individual summer experiences, fun events to come, and of course, a little bit of what we are working on in the office! To wrap up the evening, we took the culinary creations we had crafted to the dining room and ate together.

After just a short few weeks here, I can see why Bilzin Sumberg is “Proud to be Judged by the Company We Keep.” The assignments have been thought-provoking, the social events have been lively, and you truly can’t beat working in Brickell; but the people are what unequivocally make the place here. It has been both humbling and inspiring to work alongside my fellow summer associates, all of us coming from schools across the country and with interests across the legal field; it has been equally motivating and constantly educational to learn from talented attorneys who are so happy to mentor us in their areas of expertise. The team here has already welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like part of the Bilzin Sumberg family, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!