I won’t lie—on a spectrum with “cool, calm, collected” on one side and “Nervous Nelly” on the other, I definitely tend to gravitate towards the latter. Additionally, as a 1L who has never worked at a law firm with more than ten employees, I was definitely intimidated by the prospect of leaving the world of Boutique Law. I can be somewhat of a creature of habit, and this summer was the perfect storm for some strong nerves: new place, new people, new experience.

So, while I was definitely excited to have the opportunity to learn from such an impressive group of attorneys (and with such an impressive summer class!), I was truthfully a little nervous, too. But, before even finishing up my 1L semester, my amazing mentor, Alani Fraga, called me on the phone just to introduce herself and let me know she’s here for any questions, no matter how big or small, that I may have. Whether it was helping me figure out how to fill out the building’s parking form, or just making herself available via phone/text/Jabber/messenger pigeon, just chatting with Alani and hearing how excited she was for the summer helped shift a lot of those “new place, new people, new experience” nerves to “new place, new people, new experience” excitement.

As I start my fourth week with Bilzin, I can honestly say every single person I’ve met has been beyond welcoming. That’s not even an exaggeration; literally everyone has been friendly. From recognizing my photo off the main website— the Hub— and sparking a conversation in the elevator, to reaching out and inviting me to a lunch at a vegan restaurant because they heard I don’t eat meat, I have been met with enthusiastic kindness since starting my summer here at Bilzin. When a 1L is asked what they’re looking for in a workplace environment, even if they don’t know it yet, I’m sure this is the type of workplace they’re envisioning. I’ve met so many new and friendly faces so far, and I am genuinely excited to continue meeting more throughout the rest of the summer!