This week (somehow already) marks the halfway point of our summer associate program, and it is hard to believe how quickly the days have passed. With the realization that our time as summers is limited, it becomes imperative to reflect on the importance of being intentional and proactive with every moment we have left.

By now we have learned the ins and outs of the office and firm culture and have completed our first few assignment (hopefully without much trouble from iManage and Westlaw). Having made it through the introductory phase of the summer program, here are some thoughts on how to make the most of the rest of the summer:

  1. Embrace the Journey
    As the workload increases, and as we begin to get into our work routines, it is important to continue to embrace the journey. To keep bringing the enthusiasm and energy we brought throughout the first few weeks and appreciate the opportunities the firm is working hard to provide us with.
  2. Continue to Form Relationships (Not Network)
    I have never been a fan of the word “networking.” It just seems so impersonal… So to call the events and opportunities to meet others at Bilzin “networking” just does not feel right. I can say with confidence that everyone I have met at Bilzin has made a real effort to get to know the summers on a personal level—and I feel fortunate for the thoughtful personal and professional advice I have received so far. Throughout the rest of the summer, we should look to continue to build on the relationships formed and to seek to forge new ones. Try to work with those you have not had a chance to meet, or try to schedule a lunch or coffee with someone you have worked with but not had the time to chat with at length.
  3. Seek Out New Challenges
    With the creation of new routines come new comfort zones. They may feel cozy, but beyond them lie opportunities to grow and learn. I encourage all the summers, including myself, to continue to push yourselves outside familiar territory. Ask questions, take on new assignments, and lean on Jessica, Betsi, Melissa, and your mentors when needed.

As we find ourselves halfway through the summer associate program, let’s make sure we spend our time wisely. By being intentional and proactive with our remaining weeks, we can make the most of this experience. Embrace the journey, continue to form relationships, and seek out new challenges!