One of the highlights of Bilzin Sumberg’s summer associate program is attending tag-alongs! Tag-alongs are opportunities to sit in on meetings, phone calls, hearings, and other interactions that involve clients, judges, opposing counsel, or other parties. These experiences allow summer associates to see the range of what our attorneys do and get a sense of the best ways to converse with other attorneys and clients.

Personally, I have been attending tag-alongs with the Real Estate Group. During one of the most recent tag-alongs, we got to sit-in on a phone call for a deal with partner Adam Lustig, associate Alani Fraga, and paralegal May Romero. We gained insight into how a real estate transaction gets to closing, and had the opportunity to hear the client and lender’s perspectives on how to complete remaining checklist items.

(L to R) Crystal Singh, Pressly Pratt, Alani Fraga, Sarah Carraher, Isabella Durand & May Romero.

My fellow summers have had a range of tag-along experiences and have shared their thoughts on how it has enhanced their summer experiences:

“Working with litigation department this summer, I’ve sat in on both formal hearings and meet and confers with opposing counsel without a judge present. Seeing the broad range of ways attorneys

interact with both the court and opposing counsel throughout the litigation process has been really informative.” – Pressly Pratt

“This summer, I’ve been mostly working with the environmental practice group, and so I’ve sat in on a number of calls with clients, environmental consultants, and regulators at both the state and local level. I feel that my tag-along opportunities have allowed me to learn about some really fascinating issues and to observe the broad scope of the environmental law practice at Bilzin.” – Savannah Bergeron

“Throughout the summer, I have had opportunities to attend tag-alongs in various fields. Adam Lustig and Marty Schwartz have let me follow real estate transactions, and Jake Greenberg invited me to watch a case management conference in the complex litigation practice area. These experiences have been so valuable in gaining hands-on experience in the legal field, and every attorney has taken the time to debrief with me and answer all my questions!” – Isabella Durand

“Listening along to calls and conferences with the corporate group has been great because you don’t get to see a lot of corporate work in law school. It’s really helpful to get a realistic look at what it’s like to be a corporate attorney by following along with people’s workdays!” – Sanika Nanda

Altogether, we’ve had some great experiences tagging-along with Bilzin Sumberg’s incredible attorneys and we appreciate the insight it has given us!