Dear Bilzin Sumberg,

And just like that, our 9 weeks are over. 9 weeks of hand shaking, Westlaw researching, happy hour attending, memo writing, and last minute lunch planning have come to an end, and all we can say to you is thank you. Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to not only grow as law students, but as people. Your kindness was noticed from the first day we arrived and it has only been followed with support and guidance. Yes, assignments were difficult. Yes, days were stressful, but getting the chance to work on real matters and be a part of real cases made it all worth it. We all truly believe that there is no firm built like Bilzin, and we intend to carry that message forward to anyone who asks “How was your summer?”

Thank you for showing us that Big Law does not have to mean working until midnight every day, fearing our superiors, and having no time for family, but instead can be about enjoying work-life balance, admiring those we work for, and having the freedom to live out all our future aspirations. You have given us a new perspective on what it means to work at a firm, and we will forever be grateful.

With all that being said, we thought it would only be appropriate to present to you the 2023 Summer Associates’ Attorney Awards. This is our way of celebrating all the big and small moments. This is our way of saying we will miss you all. This is our way of saying Thank You to everyone at Bilzin Sumberg.

Most Likely To Join the Summer Associates for Happy Hour: Adrian Felix

Most Likely to Get Roasted by Al Dotson: Javier Aviñó

Most Likely to Tell You Where They Went to Law School: David Seifer (University of Florida)

Best Dressed: Shalia Sakona

Most Likely to Heavily Redline Your Memo but Still Tell You That You Did a Great Job: Adam Lustig

Most Likely to Stop by Your Office and Say Hi: Phil Stein

Least Likely to Say No to Lunch: Sara Herald

Honorary Summer Associate: Daniel Bumm


The 2023 Summer Associates