Closing the doors on nine remarkable weeks, the end of our summer associate journey at Bilzin Sumberg was met with a magical evening at Melissa’s home. The closing event was far from a simple farewell gathering. It was a testament to our shared experiences, a reflection on lessons learned, and a beacon illuminating the path to our professional futures. Amid the inviting scent of sushi and sake, our smiles shone brighter, our laughter rang louder, and the bonds forged over the summer seemed even stronger. This was not just an evening of dining, but a night for reminiscing. We recollected victories and learnings, trials and triumphs, and the bonds forged over this summer.

As the evening dimmed into the night, we toasted to our milestones, our perseverance, and the bright futures awaiting us. The joy in the room was palpable, a snapshot of the collective spirit of Bilzin Sumberg. A heartfelt thank you to Melissa for her generous hospitality, Jessica and Betsi for their unwavering mentorship, and everyone at Bilzin Sumberg for shaping our summer into an unforgettable journey.

The lessons and experience I’ve gathered this summer go beyond research projects, drafting documents, and tag-alongs. It’s the laughter shared, the challenges faced, the mentorship received, and the friendships formed that will be etched in my memory. These experiences have not just sculpted my understanding of the law but have enriched my personal growth and perspective.

To Bilzin Sumberg, our mentors, my fellow summer associates, and the spectacular summer we spent together – a toast to you all. As we stride towards the future, these memories will serve as a guiding light, reminding us why we are “Proud to be Judged by the Company We Keep.”

Here’s to the knowledge gained, the connections made, and the journey that awaits!