Photo of Lucas Pizzutti

Summer is here again and so is another class of summer associates! This summer, however is particularly special for me, for two reasons: First, it is Bilzin’s first in-person summer program since before the Covid pandemic. Second, it is my second summer here at Bilzin! I can remember clearly back when I first received

With Miami’s 125th birthday being celebrated this week, it seems only fitting that we look to the new and exciting opportunities in the Miami legal market that make it stand out from other markets in the country. Clearly Miami has always had a strong real estate market, for both residential and commercial purposes and recently,

As the summer program makes it past the half-way mark, we summer associates have talked to many attorneys who have generously offered us their perspectives and tips for success. Their experiences and insights have been invaluable in helping us understand the profession in a much more grounded and hands-on manner. One of the attorneys who

The last thing on my mind when I entered into finals season last fall, at the end of my first (and entirely online) semester of law school, was where I would be working in the summer. My first finals season was filled with stress and a total lack of familiarity with the law school system,