For the first time this summer I decided to take on a project with another Summer Associate, David De La Flor. This corporate assignment was originally created for one Summer Associate and was projected to take 100 hours to complete.   Because of the interesting nature and the desirable work experience accompanying the assignment, the supervising attorney allowed David and I to split the work.

In the first part of our assignment, David and I were directed to create merger documents including certificates of merger, agreements of merger, and written consents. Having never prepared such documents, David and I were unsure as to how this assignment would turn out. The assigning attorney was understanding, and taught us how to use merger documents previously created for other entities to draft our documents.

The legal document drafting process was much more enjoyable with another Summer Associate to turn to whenever uncertainties arose. David and I finished six merger documents and prepared redline-comparisons for the six documents in one afternoon. The documents will be filed, and the merger process will begin tomorrow.