Our view from the suite

I was invited to watch a Marlin’s game with attorneys from the Real Estate Department and employees from Rialto, a real estate investment and management company with whom our firm works closely.  Eager to see the new stadium and become acquainted with a client that I’ve heard much about, I quickly accepted the invitation.

As anticipated, I was able to spend meaningful time with attorneys from the Real Estate Department, get to know employees from Rialto, and enjoy all the Miami Marlin’s Stadium has to offer.  Many employees from Rialto shared my South Florida upbringing, background in finance, and were in my peer group.  We were able to enjoy an indoor box that opened up onto private outdoor seating.  The set-up provided us the opportunity to cheer on the Marlins from the stands and return inside for food and drinks during breaks in action.  I could not think of a better way to enjoy the sport while spending time with coworkers and clients.