Future Bilzin Sumberg lawyers!

We previously discussed how it was our pleasure to extend offers to the entire 2012 Summer Associate Class.  Bilzin Sumberg is even more delighted to announce that all of them have accepted those offers to return to the firm!! 

In addition to the effort the summer associates put forth to receive their offers, we do want to acknowledge those attorneys who participated in making the summer associate experience a “real” one and they too deserve our collective appreciation. 

Whether those attorneys:

they did their part to ensure that the summer experience was a rewarding one and would make Bilzin Sumberg a place where the summer associates could envision practicing law.

Veronica is officially the first summer associate in the 2013 class.  We are in full on-campus and callback interview mode – as recruiting season has gained momentum. 

We are looking forward to announcing the full 2013 Summer Class in the next few months.