This post will not be quite as savory as the last (I dream about that Nutella cake), but I promise to deliver a topic just as deliciously exciting: regional transportation! I’m looking at you, fellow land use law enthusiasts (yes, they exist).

Last Thursday I accompanied my mentor Eric Singer on a tag-along to the 2013 Transportation Summit for the Miami-Dade region. The event brought together community stakeholders including elected officials, citizen groups, national experts and residents of the Miami-Dade area to engage in an important dialogue about the future of the region’s transportation networks. Eric and I arrived to the summit in style via the Metromover, of course.

Bilzin Sumberg is involved in many local development and transportation projects and it was great to see the firm keeping a finger on the pulse of the community by sponsoring and attending this type of conference. I also appreciated Bilzin Sumberg’s attention to my own goals. I’ve been interested in these types of growth issues for years and was pleasantly surprised to have the firm so quickly provide this opportunity to dive into the action here in Miami.

Continuing the day’s theme of community involvement, that same evening the summer associates were invited to attend the Miami Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame awards ceremony on behalf of Bilzin Sumberg, a sponsor of the event.  A live jazz band, dinner, and a promise to release the audience before the Heat game began made for an enjoyable evening.

In the five short days of my first week at Bilzin Sumberg I witnessed first-hand the firm’s strong commitment to the citizens of the Miami-Dade area and I look forward to playing a role in Bilzin’s presence in the community. Stay tuned for our Community Service Project Day at the end of the month!