From L to R: Judge Lindsey, Adam, Naomi, Eryca, Veronica, Carly and Judge Walsh right after the swearing in ceremony

The past few weeks have been an exciting time!  We’re wrapping up OCI season and finalizing the 2015 Summer Associates/Bloggers but, we have also been busy welcoming our first year associates from our 2013 Summer Associate Program

We are pleased to announce that Naomi Alzate, Adam Fischer, Veronica Gordon, Carly Grimm and Eryca Schiffman have re-joined the firm. . .this time as associates! 

Yesterday, it was our pleasure to celebrate their admission to the Florida Bar.  We are grateful to The Honorable Judges Lindsey and Walsh for administering the oath.  It was a special day that, naturally, concluded with family and tiramisu at La Loggia!