It is safe to say that I have acquired new tastes at Bilzin Sumberg, both inside and outside of the office. A week and a half in, we had our first practice group event with the Corporate and Tax group: a culinary tour at Wynwood. At first, I was nervous about this event because I’m a picky-eater. We began the tour at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar where I indulged in delicious foods and La Rubia beer that I had never tasted before. As soon as I ate the maduros, a Spanish dish at the restaurant, I knew I had been missing out my entire life. There was still so much to try!

We then continued on the tour to admire the artwork on the Wynwood Walls. As I walked with the group, the first week and a half of work began to sink in. I remember starting the summer thinking that I would only truly enjoy Corporate assignments since I majored in business law. But luckily, I opened my mind up to trying new things. During the past nine days, I worked on assignments from the Corporate and Tax, Real Estate, and Litigation departments. Just as with the maduros, I expanded my taste palate and discovered a new possible specialty. I have already changed my schedule for the following semester of law school to include Real Estate courses.

I’m really excited to keep my mind open throughout the next seven weeks so that I can get a good taste of all that Bilzin Sumberg has to offer.

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