It was Wednesday evening, and we were all heading to the conference room for the Real Estate practice group’s event, the infamous Poker Tournament. It was my first time playing poker, but I opted for Jenny’s winning strategy and put all my chips on beginner’s luck. Though there was a tutorial for the beginners, I was as good as lost. I went to my assigned table where I found myself sitting between two partners, Martin Schwartz and Adam Lustig. I was a bit nervous. Okay, that’s an understatement.

Our table was hot when I was dealt my first good hand. Full house! I decided to raise Marty $500 in chips, leaving me with two $25 chips. Keep in mind that the chips were not backed by real money. Still, the pressure was on because whoever took out the partners won Visa gift cards, and the ultimate winner would receive an iPad.  I was so confused when the cards were flipped, but turns out that Marty had four of a kind. Though I lost, I had just as much fun as a spectator. After an hour or so, the game intensified and the tables were merged so that there would be one winner. Ultimately, Jay Sakalo could build a house out of all the chips he had. He was the winner! Brendan Studley walked away with the iPad as the last summer associate standing.

We were all winners in a sense. I won new relationships with members of the Real Estate department that I had not met prior to the event. Not only that, but as I continue attending events, I feel more and more a part of the Bilzin Sumberg family. For now I’ll be counting down the days until our next event.


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