Last week Jessica, Camille and I had the opportunity to socialize with all the women attorneys at Bilzin Sumberg for a “Canvas & Cocktails” Painting Event at Vinos in the Grove. It was a wonderful night full of laughter, mingling, painting and wine!

We all started off with a blank canvas. We were given the freedom to choose between different models to emulate, and then the painting process began.  The experience somewhat mirrors our summer thus far at Bilzin Sumberg. We all started off the summer with a blank canvas and have since been given the freedom to choose the assignments we want to work on. With the early brush strokes I was worried I might make a mistake, but as I painted more and started to see the full picture I became more confident in my art work. Similarly, throughout the summer and with each completed assignment we have become continuously more at ease and confident in our legal abilities.

Mindy Mora impressed us all with her artistic skills! What a combination, a well respected attorney and a wonderful painter! We each utilized different styles to let our painting prowess shine. Jessica Buchsbaum and Camille paid close attention to each brush stroke, while Ali Lehson and I took more of a plan as you paint full picture approach.

The evening went by so quickly because we were all having a great time socializing and perfecting our art! It was really inspiring to be around such a fabulous group of impressive female attorneys! Though I had a memorable time, and now have some new office décor, I still think it’s safe to say that I am not quitting my day job!


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