The very first day of orientation, the summer associates were introduced to the concept of tag alongs. Bilzin Sumberg provides opportunities for us to shadow experienced attorneys as they interact with clients, learning by observing. We were asked to rank practice groups in order of personal interest, allowing Jessica Buchsbaum to assign the experiences in order of priority as they arise.

I don’t think any of us were expecting the number and variety of tag alongs we’ve experienced in just the first two and a half weeks of the summer. All seven summer associates have had opportunities to observe associates and partners “in action,” interacting with their clients on pressing matters. So far, our group has tagged-along with the Corporate & Tax, Litigation, Land Development & Government Relations, Business Finance & Restructuring, and Real Estate practice groups.

Personally, I had the chance to sit in on a client meeting with Corporate & Tax partner, Marshall Pasternack. I watched him work though an issue list with the client, a local businessman involved in negotiating a joint venture agreement with a major national company. It was fascinating to observe first-hand the level of trust that Bilzin Sumberg clients place in their attorneys.

The Land Development & Government Relations group has invited summer associates to attend several upcoming tag alongs. On June 7th, Geoff accompanied Al Dotson to a hearing to approve a settlement between the City of Miami Gardens, the County, and Bilzin Sumberg‘s client at the Miami-Dade County Commissioner’s office. According to Geoff, “it was really interesting getting to witness the intersection between the government and the private sector first-hand.”

The Litigation group has also yielded some exciting tag alongs. Hannah has attended a deposition at the Bilzin Sumberg office with associate Jay Ward. She especially enjoyed watching the questioning process, and observing the interactions between the attorneys, and the opposing counsel and their client.

Elise, Jenny, Geoff, Frankie and Hannah have sat in on phone calls with clients across practice groups, sometimes related to assignments they are currently working on. With this many tag alongs after only eleven work days with the firm, we can’t wait to see what comes next!