This summer, I’ve had the honor of writing both the first blog post and the final blog post. In my first post, I talked about the welcome wine and cheese event, the training sessions, and being back at Bilzin Sumberg. It is hard to believe that when I was writing that post nine weeks ago I barely knew Forrest, Luis, Alex, and Eric (Lauren I knew from last year!), and I had no idea that they would become such great friends and supportive colleagues.

Before we get to the end of summer fun, we have to get through the last of our assignments and our end of summer reviews. While I’m always a little bit nervous before the reviews, the attorneys always seem to provide helpful and encouraging feedback. Plus – my great mentor Lindsey Parker is always there with me! I’ve also tried to make an effort this year to reach out to individual assigning attorneys for feedback before my review — a suggestion from Jay Sakalo and Jessica Buchsbaum that I think has been helpful in improving my work and to building stronger relationships with the attorneys at the firm.

Outside of end of summer reviews, the last couple of days at the firm, much like last year, are filled with events, goodbye celebrations, and a lot of great food. Today, I am headed to La Petit Maison for lunch with Richard Goldstein and some other members of the Tax, Trusts & Estates Practice Group. Tonight, we have our Farewell Dinner with Jay and Jessica at Trulucks, and tomorrow we have our Farewell lunch with our mentors at Fi’lia, a restaurant in the nearby SLS Hotel that has definitely become a staple of the summer. The summer then comes to a close with the ice cream social tomorrow afternoon, which is our final goodbye to everyone at the firm and a “sweet ending” to the 2017 summer associate program.