One of my primary objectives coming into the summer was to establish a plan of action for my future, both at Bilzin Sumberg and in the Miami community. Of course, at the top of the list was figuring out which of the firm’s prestigious Practice Groups I would prioritize, but I also wanted to put myself on a path to career development and community entrenchment that would carry me for the duration of my career. Over two-thirds of the way through the summer, I can confidently say that the summer associate program has helped me to accomplish this goal through meaningful work with substantive feedback and consistent attorney mentorship opportunities. Everyday has proven to be a new chance for us to learn, grow, and have fun, and Bilzin Sumberg could not be more welcoming in helping us to feel at home while providing us with a  practical dose of real legal work.

As Eric detailed in his last blog post, Bilzin Sumberg’s summer associate program has provided us with broad exposure to assignments across all of the firm’s different practice areas. This free market system has allowed all of us to learn what we like, what we don’t like, and where we feel we fit best within the firm’s Practice Groups. Personally, I have taken on assignments from the Litigation, Corporate, Real Estate, and Land Use Practice Groups, working closely with attorneys in each respective area. Mentorship-wise, on top of our firm-assigned associate mentors, Bilzin Sumberg’s summer associate lunch policy ensures that we get to meet and break bread with as many attorneys as possible! Last week, we had the opportunity to have lunch with two of the firm’s partners, Scott Baena and Alan Axelrod. Picking both of their brains and receiving their guidance on everything from the early stages of our legal careers, to organizational structure, to life in Miami, and so much more was truly invaluable…not to mention that we enjoyed two great lunches with great company!