The Summer Associates’ first few weeks here at Bilzin Sumberg have been incredible. Between trainings, welcome events, and getting started on our first assignments, we even found some time to get out of the office and see the tangible results of the incredible work that Bilzin does. On May 16th, Isabella Durand, Sophia Siegel, and I had the pleasure of joining Marty Schwartz, Dan Bumm, Hannah Lidicker, and Brittany Chung for a tour of the recently completed Paramount Tower in Miami Worldcenter.

We began by taking the Metromover to downtown, which was a refreshing change of pace and helped us to avoid the heat on our commute. Once we arrived, we stopped in at Sagrado Café on Biscayne for a quick lunch and some insightful stories from Marty, Dan, Hannah, and Brittany.

After lunch, we made our way over to the Worldcenter and were greeted by the impressive facade of the Paramount Tower, a testament to modern architectural innovation. Stepping inside, we were immediately struck by the luxurious atmosphere and attention to detail. From the lobby to the state-of-the-art amenities, every aspect of the building exudes sophistication and style.

Our tour guide led us through the sprawling complex, showcasing its myriad offerings. The six-acre amenity deck was a particular highlight, boasting a broad array of recreational facilities including a boxing ring, movie theatre, and multiple event spaces. We were also fascinated to learn that the Paramount built several single-family homes on the seventh-floor deck, something I personally had never seen in a multi-housing development.

We were even fortunate enough to tour one of the Paramount’s furnished penthouses. We couldn’t help but be impressed by the breathtaking views of the Miami skyline. Floor-to-ceiling windows flooded the interiors with natural light and created a sense of openness. It was easy to envision oneself living in such a spectacular setting, enjoying the best that Miami has to offer.

Our visit to the Paramount Tower was not only informative but also inspiring. It served as a reminder of integral role that Bilzin Sumberg plays in shaping our urban landscape. As we headed back to the office, we were filled with a sense of enthusiasm and appreciation for the work that we get to do this summer. Isa, Sophia, and I are so grateful to Marty, Dan, Hannah, and Brittany for bringing us along, it was a truly great trip. We even made it to the hub as the picture of the day.

L to R: Dan Bumm, Brittany Chung, Isabella Durand, Sofia Siegel & Spencer Peek