The summer associates of Bilzin Sumberg, along with our illustrious alumni, recently gathered at Two-Chefs restaurant for an evening of culinary escapades. This event wasn’t just about eating great food—it was about making it. Under the watchful eyes of professional chefs, we donned our aprons, picked up our utensils, and embarked on a delightful journey of cooking, camaraderie, and a few culinary misadventures.

Each of us was assigned a specific dish to prepare, adding a touch of personal flair to the evening’s menu. My task was to create crab-filled egg rolls. Easier said than done, as it turned out. The egg roll wrappers had other plans—they disintegrated as soon as they were filled. With a quick pivot and some expert guidance from the chef, my crab-filled egg rolls transformed into delicious crab cakes. Crisis averted.

Spencer Peek was up next, tasked with cutting the beef into steaks. He was instructed to measure each steak using two fingers. Unfortunately, Spencer’s fingers must have been a different size than the chef’s, as his steaks were deemed a bit undersized. It is no wonder why the “finger” method has yet to replace either the metric or imperial systems of measurement.

Eric Singer took charge of searing salmon, bringing a touch of elegance to our meal. Meanwhile, Isabella Durand, Sofia Siegel, and Joe Beguiristain teamed up to make flatbreads. Their teamwork and creativity resulted in an array of delectable flatbreads that were a hit with everyone.

David Jessup, Jr. and Kayla Hernandez deserve a special mention for their perseverance and skill in making soufflés. They labored for hours, producing chocolate soufflés that were not only delicious but, as Lucas Pizzutti aptly described, “toasty.” Their dedication was a testament to the rewards of hard work and patience.

Carlos Markovich displayed impressive knife skills as he diced garlic and herbs for the steaks. His precision and efficiency were on full display, much to the admiration of all present. Other hit dishes included a tuna tartare, couscous, a nice salad, and more.

The evening culminated in a feast of our collective efforts. We gathered around the table, enjoying the fruits of our labor, sharing laughs, and appreciating the unique contributions each person brought to the meal. It was a night that beautifully blended learning and laughter, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and flexibility—qualities that are just as essential in the legal profession as they are in the kitchen.

As we continue our summer at Bilzin Sumberg, events like this remind us that while we may face challenges, whether in cooking or in law, we always have the support of our colleagues to help us through. Here’s to more memorable experiences, delicious food, and the enduring bonds of friendship and teamwork. Cheers!

L to R: Sofia Siegel, Isabella Durand, Spencer Peek, Jessica Buchsbaum, Melissa Pallett-Vasquez, Ethan Schwab