There are so many great parts of being a summer associate. In fact there are probably too many to name! But, one of the best parts is the amazing events that are planned for us that we all look forward to each week. As someone who loves to dress up, I was excited to see that one of the events on our summer calendar was Bilzin Sumberg’s annual firm dinner party.

This year, Jessica Buchsbaum selected an amazing and unique location: The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse. Located in Wynwood, this warehouse contains some of Martin Margulies’ phenomenal art collection. This location provided the perfect setting for the night as we all had the opportunity to socialize with our fellow colleagues and their guests, and enjoy amazing food and drinks while surrounded by an amazing collection of art. While all of the art was fabulous, one installation was definitely the highlight of the night: superheroes years after their adventures, such as superman using a walker!

Upon arrival at cocktail hour, we were greeted by not only the friendly faces of our colleagues, but this outstanding art collection. As we all walked around observing the art collection, we had the opportunity to try many different hors d’oeuvres, such as chicken skewers and tuna crispy rice. Since we have only been at Bilzin Sumberg for a few weeks, us summer associates enjoyed using the cocktail hour as an opportunity to meet the attorneys that we had not yet met.

Following cocktail hour, we all took our seats and were greeted by Managing Partner Al Dotson. Al gave a fantastic toast, celebrating all of Bilzin Sumberg’s accomplishments over the last year, recognizing the hardworking committees, and of course cracking funny jokes along the way. Al congratulated all the new attorneys who had joined the firm, along with those who achieved the amazing accomplishment of becoming partners and equity partners. Al also recognized us summer associates as new additions to the firm, giving us all the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the room! While using a microphone in a large room is nerve-wracking, it was nice to see so many familiar faces and to feel the excitement surrounding our presence. Al highlighted many of the amazing awards dedicated to Bilzin Sumberg attorneys over the past year such as the AJC honoring Judge Michael Hanzman with the Learned Hand award and Sara Herald receiving a Women of Influence Mentor Award and also recognized Marty Schwartz for his dedication to mentorship.

Following an amazing dinner full of lively conversation, we were led into another room with a dessert bar. While the food selection did not disappoint the entire night, the churros with a selection of dipping sauces were absolutely a fan favorite.

It is truly a special experience to get to spend a Saturday night with the people you work with and to observe how happy everyone is to be there. As we embark on our fourth week at Bilzin Sumberg, I know we are all excited to continue connecting with and learning from those at Bilzin Sumberg and enjoying the amazing events that the firm works so hard to plan for us!

L to R: Jessica Buchsbaum, Sofia Seigel, Ethan Schwab, Isabella Durand, Crystal Singh, Spencer Peek & Melissa Pallett-Vasquez