On Friday, June 7, the summer associates of Bilzin Sumberg participated in a meaningful day of service at Feeding South Florida, a local food bank committed to fighting hunger across the area. This event was not just a typical volunteering opportunity; it was a collective effort involving many summer associates from various South Florida law firms, all united by a common purpose—to sort, inspect, and ensure the safety of food destined for families in need.

Feeding South Florida operates as a crucial hub for food distribution, receiving large donations from major retailers such as Publix, Aldi, and other grocery giants. However, before these donations can reach those in need, each item must undergo a thorough inspection process to guarantee its safety and quality. This is where we, the summer associates, stepped in to assist.

Our group from Bilzin Sumberg was specifically assigned to the inspection team. Our task was clear: to meticulously check every item of food for expiration dates, damage, and contamination. Items that were expired beyond the guidelines provided by the staff were discarded, as were any packages that had exposed food. Our guiding principle was to “rescue” as much food as possible, ensuring that only safe and usable items made it to the distribution stage.

As the morning progressed, the energy and dedication of all volunteers became increasingly evident. We were divided into various roles—some sorted the food, others operated pallet jacks to move heavy loads, and a few acted as runners, ensuring that the workflow remained smooth and efficient.

By the end of our shift, we were informed by the Feeding South Florida staff that we had surpassed our initial goal. Initially, we aimed to rescue 15,000 pounds of food, but to our delight, we exceeded this target, rescuing over 17,000 pounds. This achievement was more than just a number; it represented countless meals for families who might otherwise go without.

Reflecting on the day, it’s clear that our efforts at Feeding South Florida went beyond just handling food. It was about connecting with the community and contributing to a vital mission. The experience underscored the impact that even a single day of service can have when people come together with purpose and compassion.

L to R: Spencer Peek, Ethan Schwab, Sofia Siegel, Crystal Singh, Isabella Durand, Jessica Buchsbaum & Betsi Cobas