On June 18th the Bilzin summer associates and Land Use attorneys weren’t prepping for a high-stakes closing or knee deep in research; they were attending a masquerade themed Murder Mystery dinner event, courtesy of The Murder Mystery Co., and things were about to get delightfully dicey.

The stage was set: a cozy, private dining room within the Salty Flame restaurant, dimly lit to add that touch of suspense, with an eager Bilzin crew who had come with their detective skills sharpened. As everyone took their seats, appetizers were served and characters were assigned. Those selected got to play suspects in the suspenseful story line of a newly elected billionaires’ club president who has been poisoned by someone in the room (cue instructed gasps). John Trach did an Oscar worthy job as the club president, performing an inspiring death scene that left everyone inspired and ready for some investigating.

As the dinner commenced, so did the game. Associates-turned-sleuths channeled their inner Hercule Poirot, interrogating each other for clues and motives. And let’s not forget the sneaky twist: they could bribe each other with fake money for information. Imagine a room full of lawyers bribing each other for secrets—can’t say I will ever witness that again!

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the story line unraveled and suspicions ran wild. “What clue can you give me?” whispered several as they slowly passed along bribe money and quietly gestured towards fellow suspects across the room.

Meanwhile, the tables were abuzz with theories and alibis. “He hated the president and wanted him dead…But he didn’t have access to the poison…Or maybe that’s what they want us to think!” As the evening progressed, clues further unraveled. Who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to commit this dastardly deed? Everyone was determined to crack the case, even if it meant outwitting their own colleagues.

Of course, no Murder Mystery dinner would be complete without a dramatic reveal. Accusations flew, defenses were mounted, and finally, the truth emerged. Lauren Kahn ended up as our mystery murderer, and her birthday celebration served as the perfect ending to this mystifying night.

With this being a new summer associate event idea fostered by Andrés Rivero, I think it’s safe to say that it was a grand success. As the night wound down and the suspects shed their roles, awards were given out to those that deserved it the most. Those winners were as follows:

For those planning your next team-building or birthday night out, consider a Murder Mystery dinner. Who knows, you might just uncover a hidden talent for detective work—or at the very least, enjoy an evening of thrilling suspense with your colleagues.