No Train, No Gain

Now that summer associate mentors are assigned and taken care of, it’s time to focus on our training program!  We start at the beginning, the very beginning – Orientation.  From day one we want our summer associates to have access to all levels of firm administration and to know how to use that support appropriately and effectively.  Various members of firm administration will give presentations on departmental procedures, availability and FAQs.  During orientation lunch, the summer associates will meet with the Managing Partner, John Sumberg, to learn about our firm history and vision.

The orientation program spans the whole first week with training programs on Effective Time Keeping, Tips for a Successful Summer and Research Skills – just to name a few.  The Research Skills Seminar, held in the library by our Director of Knowledge Management, Paul VanderMeer, may be my favorite seminar.  Paul and I might be a touch competitive. . .and last year this seminar may have included a blind bake off between Paul and I.  By blind taste test, the summer associates declared me the victor with my Tiramisu.  Paul didn’t stand a chance!
It will be interesting to hear the summer associates’ perspective on orientation and to see who they find victorious in this year’s bake-off.  I’ve consulted last year’s summer class to plan my entry.

After the full orientation program is planned, I’ll be planning the training programs that will be offered after orientation.