The award winning bake-off entry

It is that time of year again! The Bilzin Sumberg Summer Associates are back to inform and entertain you with our blog posts. Members of the original cast (Amy, David, Kyle, Michael, and Shalia) are preparing for the Florida Bar Exam and we wish them the best of luck. I am back for my second summer with a new set of spectacular summer associates: Carly, Eryca, Naomi, Adam, and Om.  We are all excited to spend the summer at the firm.

As a returning summer associate, I am so happy to reconnect with the attorneys I met last year and get started on new projects. This week, I was reintroduced to the firm’s protocols during orientation. Aside from the classic trainings with our IT department and librarians, the annual bakeoff between Jessica Buchsbaum and Paul VanderMeer happened this week. 

Last year, to Jessica’s dismay, Paul’s fruit tart won the grand prize (read: bragging rights). This year, Jessica captured the voters’ hearts and bellies by incorporating the one ingredient no one could resist: Nutella. Although Paul’s vanilla crème brulee and chocolate tarts were delicious, Jessica won the bakeoff with her strawberry Nutella cake.

During orientation, we were also given an overview of what this summer has in store for us. The summer calendar is filled with opportunities to get to know attorneys and their practice groups. Some new additions to the calendar include bowling at Lucky Strike with the Corporate & Tax group and the women attorney’s Nordstrom event. Next week, we are taking a tour of Miami on a yacht with the Land Use and Real Estate groups. Overall, the summer is off to a great start.