The summer associates and several attorneys met at Bilzin Sumberg’s offices to hop on a bus set for Key Largo on a sunny Saturday morning. Lead by the firm’s fishing legend himself, Mitch Widom, we ventured aboard a chartered fishing boat and began our journey on the water.

After a wonderful ride through the clearest water any of us had ever seen, we anchored at a beautiful spot where the fish were certainly biting. We caught all sorts of fish but could only keep those that were legally large enough, so we had to throw a lot of them back. Jerry definitely had his fair share of small fish – he must have caught and released at least 20!

The second spot was even better than the first. Almost every one of us caught a “keeper” snapper, or a snapper that we were able to take off the boat. The fish were even hungrier at this spot; we were losing bait so quickly that the captain and boat mates had to refill our bait containers numerous times! Better yet, we had an awesome cheerleading squad. Nadia Kruler and Jessica Buchsbaum were there every time someone yelled “fish on!” with a giant smile and a camera.

After docking, we went to Snappers! The chefs cooked our just-caught snapper into delicious fish-fingers that we enjoyed as our appetizer. The rest of the meal was fresh as can be. The fishing trip was definitely one for the books – a top activity of the summer on all counts!

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