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The latter half of my first week at Bilzin Sumberg was over before I knew it. Between the social activities, trainings, and first assignments Geoff, Frankie, Hannah, Jenny, Lauren, Claudia and I grew even more excited for what is to come. As we parted ways to enjoy our Memorial Day Weekend, I realized that the seven of us have a wealth of information to reflect on during our time off. Not only did we receive practical training in our first week at the Firm, we received great advice from the Firm’s former successful summer associates and experienced attorneys.

On the third day of the summer associate program, we had lunch with first year associates Leah Aaronson, Jerry Goldsmith, and Jared Spector, who are also summer associate alumni. They offered us some “uncensored” advice on the summer associate program, which put us at ease while also inspiring us to take full advantage of our summer at Bilzin Sumberg. It was extremely beneficial to get to ask questions of people who were in our shoes recently, and to get insight as to life as a young attorney at Bilzin Sumberg. 

The next day, Melissa Pallett-Vasquez and Jerry Goldsmith spoke to us on the do’s and don’ts of a successful summer at Bilzin Sumberg. I know that this advice will prove invaluable now and in the future. They covered everything from the importance of deadlines and communication to proper attire and etiquette at social events, telling fascinating stories of blunders in the past. The presentation was both entertaining and insightful, and left us with great tips and even more familiarity with and excitement for life at Bilzin Sumberg.

To wrap up our week, we had a lunch presentation with John Sumberg, the Firm’s managing partner, and Marshall Pasternack. John told us the story of Bilzin Sumberg, explaining how, such a short time ago, he and Brian Bilzin came to create what is now a preeminent law firm in Miami. He explained that community involvement was critical to the founding of the Firm, illustrating that the growth of the Firm is due to his and other’s participation in community organizations. Marshall spoke to us about Bilzin Sumberg’s culture, underscoring the collegiality and entrepreneurial mentality that I have already seen is at the Firm’s core. Marshall also got us excited about the part we get to play in Bilzin Sumberg Cares at the end of the summer, and the seven of us have already talked about possible charities that we can honor.

The first week at Bilzin Sumberg was full of new faces, new information, and new advice making the seven of us more excited than ever for new experiences during our summer in the Magic City!