Dessert cart 1It was officially the second week of our Summer Associate Program, and our first fieldtrip was on the horizon–the Marlins Park tour and game, organized by the Land Use Practice. While Jerry, Jared, and Leah are renowned for their coordinating abilities (matching Clambake outfits), our class is well on its way to dethrone them. We met at 5:30 P.M. sharp (sort of), and four brave souls banked on me getting them safely to the ballpark (already taking heart in light of the upcoming Poker Tournament).

A couple of wrong turns and attempts at parking later, we made our way to the park entrance. “Not so soon,” said the universe, as Frankie realized he had left his ticket at the office. If you have known Frankie for approximately a week, you are more than confident in his ability to finesse his way through impromptu interviewing, subleasing gone wrong, and just about anything else. To no surprise, Frankie soon joined us on the Marlins Park tour, precisely in time to get a glimpse of the Clevelander pool area.

Claudia, Elise, and I had the pleasure of speaking to Eileen Ball Mehta during six innings of the game; it is safe to assume that we do not follow the Marlins or baseball in general. After hearing Eileen’s Land Use pitch–vigorously checking the Assignment Pool in anticipation of a Land Use project to take on–would be an understatement.

In the Fiesta Suite, rumors of a dessert cart started to circulate. Well, those rumors were absolutely wrong; mere words cannot accurately depict the sugar heaven that rolled up to the Fiesta Suite. Bilzin Sumberg’s impeccable taste in all things culinary never disappoints (See Jessica’s cheesecake and Paul’s lemon tart).

Claudia, Jenny and Elise enjoy their selections from the dessert cart.
Claudia, Jenny and Elise enjoy their selections from the dessert cart.

While sharing desserts and bonding over our like (or dislike) of baseball, my fellow summer associates and I soon realized that we were bound for a summer full of hard work while in good company.



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