(L to R, Eric, Devin & Lucas)

As the training phase of the summer program winds down, the Summer Associates are busy at work! We are currently working on a variety of projects assigned by attorneys from each practice group. Bilzin Sumberg has an assignment pool system that makes it very easy to work in the practice group of your choice and take on assignments that you never thought you would enjoy (or even knew existed)! I am currently working on projects in the Bankruptcy, Land Use & Zoning, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (“CMBS“), and Commercial Litigation groups. As a 1L, this flexibility will allow me to find my passion in the law and have a concrete understanding of what each attorney does at the firm day-to-day. 

Bilzin Sumberg also has many mentorship opportunities that allow us to connect with lawyers throughout the firm. My favorite event so far took place this Tuesday at the firm’s Summer Associate alumni event hosted at Two Chefs kitchen. Present and former summer associates worked together to cook a 10-course dinner–which we later ate as a team. The bonds stemming from the summer associate program were clear. Attorneys of all levels and practice groups were present, ranging from partners, such as Jeffrey Snyder and Jay Sakalo, to junior associates who were recently in our positions, like Jennifer Llano and Elise Holtzman. From day one, Bilzin Sumberg told us that it hires its summer associates with the expectation that we will one day become partners. This event showed me that the firm sticks to its word.